What is this?

Dear Blogee,

If you’ve come straight here, without so much as glancing at the substance of this web site, then I suspect you are either rather timid, dull, or have a strange sense of humor, and I heartily recommend this rousing article regarding the writing of technical manuals.

However, if you’re a more conventional sort, you’ve probably looked around and you’re thinking something along the lines of, “huh.” (with an intentional emphasis on that most un-emphasizing punctuation mark, the period.)

“The Weight of Dust exceeds the weight of Settled Objects” is a line from the song Free Will and Testament by Robert Wyatt and Hugh Hopper. Dust, in our case, are the myriad things still floating, unattached, that help give meaning and form to the things we’ve already decided on.

Herein lies a catalog of questions, arbitrary musings, theories both par-baked and half considered, and inspirational curios, all suspended in a mixture of light-pretentiousness and absurdity. If you find this sort of thing tedious, it goes without saying this site is of no use to you. Conversely, if you’re looking for a diversion from things knowable and socially fixed, perhaps I have a novelty for you hidden somewhere.

Best Wishes,
Noah E Miller