Body of an Angel

Geoff Manaugh at BLDG/BLOG wrote this inspiring pitch for Ghost Busters 3.

“…spoiler alert – halfway through the film, the Ghostbusters realize that NYNEX isn’t a phone system at all: it’s the embedded nervous system of an angel – a fallen angel – and all those phone calls and dial-up modems in college dorm rooms and public pay phones are actually connected into the fiber-optic anatomy of a vast, ethereal organism that preceded the architectural build-up of Manhattan. Manhattan came afterwards, that is: NYNEX was here first.”

I had an image of an enormous celestial being tripping and falling on the edge of our continent. It hit its “head” and lost consciousness, an enormous body made of stars and black voids of antimatter that only partially existed in three dimensional space sprawled out across from the Jersey shore to just south of Boston. It either died instantly or after millennia, but it was so long ago the rules of time weren’t yet codified and its passage would be incomprehensible to humans. After some great time or no time at all its body turned into outer space. It disincorporated itself and floated away from the earth like reverse meteorites. What’s left is a jumbled circuit of energy lines that were trapped as they were encased in copper that they “magnetically” seeped from the earth. If you can’t imagine it, maybe I’ll draw a picture.